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This 19-minute Zoom interview is with Eleanor Doucette supported by Dorthe Flauer, from Lifestyle Options in Edmonton, Alberta, one of the first two homes to implement the Butterfly Approach in Canada.  Eleanor shares what brought her to the Butterfly Approach, what it means to her and the little things she does every day to make a difference using her own interests and talents.

Take time to listen to this interview and read the article ‘What is the Butterfly Approach?’

Then, go through the debriefing questions to help you reflect on what you have learnt and how you might put some of this learning into action.

The key messages:

  • The Butterfly symbolises change and transformation.  Every member of the team can become a Butterfly and change moments throughout the whole day.  This includes housekeepers, kitchen and domestic staff.
  • Being a great Butterfly is about really focusing on who you are not just what you do. 
  • “My keyboard was under the bed for a long time.  We were told, “if you have time and there’s something you can share, just do it!”  says Eleanor. Many members of the team will be able to contribute in different ways, depending on their interests and experiences.
  • Butterfly workers take time to think about what they wear to create moments and conversations, which is why they don’t wear uniforms.
  • A Butterfly Home environment has lots of things to engage interest including bright colours and the stuff of life.  A Butterfly worker cannot thrive in a bare and beige environment!
  • Knowing individual life stories is key to creating meaningful occupation which links to people’s interests and backgrounds.
  • “We bring out the laundry to fold and they won’t stop until the work is done!”  Butterfly workers are skilled at creating invitations for domestic jobs to be completed throughout the day.
  • A good Butterfly worker will know how to connect with and reach people who can easily get forgotten because they are quieter or further on in their experience of dementia.

How long does it take?

Duration: 1 hour

  • The video presentation and debriefing questions will take approximately 1 hour.

Available until 31 December 2022

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