Web based reading

Top 3 Learning points and Top 3 Actions

Take some time to read some of the excellent resources on the Alzheimer’s Society website

Eating and drinking | Alzheimer’s Society (alzheimers.org.uk)


If there are any issues with the above links,  go to www.alzheimers.org.uk and search ‘eating and drinking’.

Topics on the UK site include:

  • Poor appetite and dementia
  • Drinking hydration and dementia
  • Changes in eating habits and food prefences
  • Managing overeating and dementia
  • How physical and sensory difficulties can affect dementia
  • Improving the eating experience
  • Meal preparation and living alone

If you are in Canada, you might want to search the Canadian Alzheimer’s Society site which will have similar, but some different topics:


If you are in Australia, you might want to look at the Dementia Australia website:


You might want to read all sections, but select 4 topics you would like to focus on.

After you have read about these topics, write down your ‘Top 3’ things you have learnt for each topic and your ‘Top 3’ actions you would like to take as a result of this learning.

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