Gardening Sensory Cushion

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Gardening Sensory Cushion

This Gardening Sensory Cushion provides comfort, engagement and meaningful activity. It helps form bonds between people ranging from occupation to relationships and meaning.


Gardening Sensory Cushion Description:

This gardening sensory cushion will be constructed of one colour backing and one colour front with a zip closure.
Size – 45cm x 45cm
Each cushion is custom made and therefore unique. It will contain 5 fiddle items which may include:

  • fake grass patch
  • shade cloth swatch
  • small garden tools (spade, fork, watering can)
  • half of a plant pot
  • artificial flowers or vine
  • appliqué of seed packages

Benefits and use for people with a dementia

This gardening sensory cushion has been designed for use for people living with a dementia. Many people with a dementia, particularly those in later stages, can experience responsive actions which can appear as restlessness or agitation. In fact, people are seeking for meaningful engagement and activity. These items have been designed to support engagement and activity for people who find comfort in them. They can be used to stimulate discussion and reminiscence about the specific themes and items which are attached to the various soft apparel. Being busy and occupied is important for maintaining well-being and reduces the risk of expressions of ill-being. The sensory range of cushions and blankets whilst providing purpose and functionality provide an engagement of the persons senses and this in turn, supports wellness.

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 15 cm


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