Team Sensory Apron – Floral

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Team Sensory Apron – Floral

This team sensory apron contains multiple pockets for team members to store items that assist in providing comfort, engagement and meaningful activity for people living with dementia.


Team Sensory Apron Description:

This team sensory apron will be constructed of a single colour/patterned, machine washable fabric with pockets in a contrasting material colour or pattern.
Size – 85cm tall x 60cm wide (one size fits all)

Benefits and use for people with a dementia

This floral sensory apron has been designed for use by team members working with people living with a dementia. Many people with a dementia, particularly those in later stages, can experience responsive actions which can appear as restlessness or agitation. In fact, people are seeking for meaningful engagement and activity. These aprons have been designed with multiple pockets for team members to store items to create meaningful engagement and activity. Being busy and occupied is important for maintaining well-being and reduces the risk of expressions of ill-being.


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Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 85 × 60 × 1 cm


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