Meaningful Connections

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Our aim is to partner with you and enable your success, vision and service to be the best it can be.

This page is still in development. Check back soon for more news on our Meaningful Connections service.

Organisational Development

We can help you to develop your systems and processes and further build on what you have established to support your business needs. We can facilitate improvements in your organisational performance, complementing your own resources and support developing businesses.

Working alongside us you can expect:

  • Experience and supports that supports your business outcomes.
  • A pathway to build organisational resilience and wellbeing in your team.
  • A robust understanding of governance frameworks (including regulatory bodies, accreditation bodies and other mainstream quality organisations which support your social and health care business.
  • Management and Leadership experience to better support decision making
  • Strategic planning and Operational planning experience.
  • People management expertise that supports restructuring and improved performance
  • Effective leadership with confidence to make a positive difference

“You’d have thought that running a care home for over 40 years would mean we’re experienced enough to deal with most things, but with updates to regulations, an increasingly diverse workforce, and ever-evolving best practice, the Meaningful Care Matters’ operational consultancy is our one-stop shop for peace of mind. We’ve had invaluable support for everything from an impartial and objective review of an incident, to advice on how to create a three-year strategy for the development of the whole home – it’s more than consultancy, it’s the equivalent of a reassuring hug.”

– Charlie Hoare, Managing Director, HL Estates

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