You Were There

You were there- enjoying the beauty of your garden with the sun on your face, the scent of the flowers and pride in all your hard work

You were there- gently holding and playing with your grandchildren, it made you so happy

You were there- the best porridge maker ever and we never got tired of putting our orders in

You were there- laughing and loving all of us with your beautiful smile and your gorgeous blue eyes

You were there- jingling your keys and pacing up and down ensuring we stuck to the agreed time to leave

You were there- a Mayo supporter in every sport enjoying the banter with the Galway fans

You were there- jumping around when being tickled, shouting and laughing for it to stop

You were there -dancing through life with Eileen

You were there- all our wonderful holidays to North Wales although the journey felt like you were driving to the end of the earth (not saying you were a slow driver Dad)

You were there- watching the clock and staying awake all night waiting for our return home

We are all so privileged to have had you in our lives and we are all richer in every way because you were there

Thankyou Dad for being there and until we meet again

 Your Loving Daughter Mary

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