This year I survived, next year I want to live. I saw this quote recently from someone on Facebook and it really resonated with me. As another year ends, I have been reflecting on what a difficult year it has been. To quote her majesty the Queen, it has been ‘Annus horribilis’for me, and so many others, for many reasons. The impact of Covid has had a devastating impact worldwide, and I, like many others, wonder if it will ever end.

With the start of a new year there will no doubt soon be full of advertisements about New Year’s resolutions, and the usual talk about weight loss and fitness goals. Following the constant, prolonged stress over the last few years, I admit to feeling a bit tired, cynical, and flat. I feel like I haven’t come out unscathed but have barely held on by a thread.

One of my favourite childhood movies is Annie, and I recently watched it again with my family. In looking ahead to the new year, I’m reminded of the words from the song Tomorrow.

It could be all too easy, even understandable, to focus on the unfulfilled hopes and dreams of the past and worries of the future. But, no matter what, tomorrow is a new day, a day to start afresh. This year, instead of focusing on the past which we can’t change, let’s look ahead to the future, which is still unwritten and full of new beginnings.

OT (Australia)
Managing Director MCM
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