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Meaningful Care Matters’ primary goal is to collaboratively create meaningful care cultures where people are ‘Free to be Me’. Why? Every Life Matters. Meaning Matters. Moments Matter. People Matter.

How Meaningful Care Matters is reacting to Coronavirus

We are in contact with our team and partners about how we can best support each other at this difficult time.  By monitoring the latest advice from the World Health Organisation, Government and relevant Health Agencies in the countries where we are present, we can ensure we are providing the most up to date information.  Our approach and engagement are constantly being update in accordance with the advice given. 

We are very fortunate to have been built as a remote-friendly company from the beginning. And we will continue to operate and be available during this time.  Our approach will primarily use video and telephone conferencing, where we continue to support on site, this occurs with regular risk assessment and review in partnership with the management teams at the services where this applies.

People matter. Feelings matter. Meaning and connection matters.  We are here to support you and each other even through a friendly phone call to say “are you ok?” We all have our part to play and our part is to be supportive in any way we can be which is meaningful for you.

Let’s continue the kindness, compassion and community connections as we support vulnerable people and each other.  Together we can create meaningful moments during these uncertain times.

If you have any questions currently, please do get in touch with us here:

Although Person Centred Care is not new,  it is still not the norm of people’s experience within health and social care. Sadly, a common experience is one where identity and individualism are eroded as the system continues to go through the motions.

This was never the intent of care cultures. 

The time to challenge the status quo is now and the responsibility is ours.  We can influence the creation of a new norm in care culture where meaning, connection, moments and feelings matter… Inevitably, where we can be ‘Free to be me’. 

As we recalibrate this new norm, we adopt an approach to support operations to be uncompromising in meeting quality, compliance and better practice. 

Our approach is twofold:

Change preparedness

Any project management program facilitating change will impact on operations.  Our operational support as part of a project approach builds internal capability and capacity to prepare for potential changes.  By supporting the team through this process, there is a greater opportunity for building resilience and empowering your team to succeed.

A helping hand

The complexity of the care sector and responding to the many moving facets is relentless.   Through hard times or in times of needs, we can provide a helping hand to support you and your team.

Training alone often falls short of creating a sustainable change in care culture.  Unfortunately, the correlation to changed practice can be minimal at best if not supported from a continuous learning approach.

Our learning and development programs come in many variations, as we recognise the differing learning needs of all of us.  The common thread in our programs is asking people to consider differing perspectives and then reinforce learning outcomes in practice.  We facilitate ‘training in action’: looking through a different lens to generate new ideas and new approaches to learning.

The key to maintaining sustainable culture change whilst continuing to build upon capability, capacity and resilience of your team is to ensure that the strategy is ‘the culture’.

Strategy is not static; it  continues to evolve and simultaneously support the culture for the better.  We support strategic planning from a cultural sustainability approach which is adaptive, congruent, flexible and clear in its identity.

Culture is the new strategy.

The common misnomer is that coaching and mentoring are one and the same.  They are very different in approach but may be used simultaneously.  Mentors share their experiences as a way of supporting development.  Coaches support the person to undertake reflection of their practice to ultimately come to their own conclusions from a personal development perspective.

Where we support an emotional intelligence-based model in care cultures, both are relevant tools to support resilience and prevent emotional fatigue in the team.  Our Coaching and Mentoring program is designed to support this and promote ongoing resilience and sustainability for the long term.


Learning Lenses Portal

Online access provides you with all information required as part of the Learning Lenses program you are enrolled in. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Administrative information
  • Course materials
  • Additional readings and research articles
  • Assessment information (where applicable)
  • Reflective journal
  • Other relevant information

Meaningful Care Matters are proud to announce we have recently achieved accredited CPD Status with CPD Standards Office 

Empowering you to achieve clarity, identity and perspective to reach your full potential. Free to Fly.

The power of a different perspective to inspire change in action. Dare to think different.

The Butterfly Approach™ The Chrysalis Approach™ The Dragonfly Approach™ Models of Care.

A platform to connect, network, support and promote sharing of experience. Strength in Community.

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