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Connect Membership is our entry level and is best suited for carers and support workers. 
72 £ per user / per year incl. tax
  • Live, Love, Laughter Blog
  • Let's Learn - Level 1
  • Meaningful Musings
  • 5% discount on training & shop purchases

Connect Plus

Most Popular for meeting CPD
Connect Plus is the solution for people who require evidence associated with registration as a health professional. This level will provide you with access to a wide range of different CPD accredited courses through our ‘Let’s Learn’ portal. Your membership will provide you with multiple tools to empower you to influence and reinforce your own understanding of personhood in practice.
144 £ per user / per year incl. tax
  • Live, Love, Laughter Blog
  • Let's Learn - Level 2
  • Meaningful Musings
  • 7.5% discount on training & shop purchases
  • PLUS
  • MCM Resource Portal

Connect Premium

Best Value
Designed with those who have a high level of autonomy or minimal interactions with a broader internal support team. This level of membership is suitable for team members who are designated ‘lone workers’ or independent practitioners / consultants. Connect Premium provides a coaching program with one of our MCM coaches to support you in your practice and professional development. This membership tier provides a peer supervision framework to support the autonomous nature of your role.
288 £ per user / per year incl. tax
  • Live, Love, Laughter Blog
  • Let's Learn - Level 3
  • Meaningful Musings
  • 10% discount on training & shop purchases
  • PLUS
  • MCM Resource Portal
  • The Coach Approach
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The origins of Live, Love and Laugh comes from poem Success (Stanley:1904). The poem is about the legacy of life and we believe contains a guide for living life where we are free to be me.  The poem has inspired the blog for our community, and we have adapted the original poem to encapsulate our dream of inspiring a legacy.

Four blogs uploaded monthly with different monthly themes. 

Adapted Version – Meaningful Care Matters, © 2020
We have achieved success,
We who live well, laugh often and love much,
We who enjoy the trust of others, the respect of each other and love of people in our community.

We have a dream, we fill a niche and accomplish more than tasks alone,
Our goal to leave the world better than we found it whether by a smile, 
A perfect poem, or a rescued soul.

To never lose sight of appreciation of Earth’s beauty or fail to express it; 
To always look for the best in others and give the best of ‘me’; 
To live life with the hope of inspiration, making memories not lost to time.

Original version Bessie Anderson Stanley, © 1904, Public Domain


Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.

Blog Excerpts...

Being an Essential Worker in a Malignant Social Psychology

Even amidst a global pandemic, it is taking an unreasonably long time to bring the quality of care in care homes and hospitals to a standard that we can truly call person centred. Is that because we are not yet person centred human beings in our everyday life? Do we demonstrate kindness and thoughtfulness to our fellow human beings? Gloria Haynes, an Associate Consultant and Trainer at Meaningful Care Matters, explores how, as a society, we can teach ourselves to offer warmth, love, respect, and kindness for one another. You can read the full article as part of our Meaning Connections Community.

Care Homes Fit for Heroes

The words ‘fight’ and ‘war’ have been used far too often to describe the current situation regarding Covid-19. The NHS, and belatedly social care staff, have been called heroes for the way they have tackled this crisis. Yes, it was heart-warming to see the weekly ‘clap for the NHS’ in the UK during the early days of the crisis. But it divided opinion. Daren Felgate, a Consultant Learning and Development Manager at Meaningful Care Matters, discusses what makes a real hero. You can read the full article as part of our Meaning Connections Community.

An interactive forum for all members of the community to engage, share, collaborate and connect. This is the power of community through an online chat which has no borders and spreads the globe.  From Australia to Canada, the United Kingdom and beyond we can connect and learn experientially through each other.

There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.

Life is a continuous experience of lessons.  Our Let’s Learn platform provides a variety of learning opportunities based in the experiences of real life circumstances and situations.  Our approach to learning is like the principles of person centredness. 

We keep it real, it’s about people.
Our programs always come back to how is this going to support the best in people for people. It’s about real life application in a way which is meaningful and matters.

We provide a coordinated and personalised learning opportunities.
We offer a variety of learning pathways so you can navigate what resonates the best with you.  You have choice and variety in meeting your learning objectives.

We enable through experience
Enablement comes from turning learning into action.  Through our debriefing exercises and practical application ideas you are charged with the responsibility of examining your own behaviours and attitudes in your everyday lived experience.

Level 1 includes...

A short informative educational presentation which can be used for your own personal development or in a group setting. Designed to be completed within 60 minutes these talks are powerful tools to remain updated and informed on topics of interest when you are short of time.

Three toolbox topics delivered annually

A blended program using resources such a s a voice over power point, interviews with subject matter experts and a series of questions delivered through a online learning platform which will support your learning throughout the program.
Two sixty-minute online webinars annually

Level 2 includes Level 1 components plus...

A multidimensional program based on current best practice research, a short power point presentation and guided questions to demonstrate learning on the topic.  These are designed to be completed at a pace which is right for you and encourages you to translate your learning into practice through practical application exercises.
One comprehensive package developed annually

Level 3 includes Level 1 and 2 components plus...

A comprehensive education resource designed to be completed over a twelve-week period. Designed in a modular format these courses will be delivered through an online learning platform and provide comprehensive and detailed insight into the topics which involve a high level of academic rigour.  With the option to complete academic assessments (moderated by an academic consultant) these learning courses will provide a deep dive into the subject through a variety of learning mediums.
One online learning course will be released annually

The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.

Meaningful Musings are a collection of various resources, tools, and writings from various sources which encourage you to reflect and consider their content in your lived experience and that of your workplace. Whether you agree, disagree, or agree to disagree the collection will certainly result in contemplative thought.

This area of our portal is simply a collection of materials which you may find useful in the quest for personal development, knowledge and application of person-centred practices.

What we plant in the soil of contemplation we shall reap in the harvest of action.

Our resource portal will provide access to various tools and resources developed by Meaningful Care Matters in supporting The Butterfly Approach® or The Dragonfly Approach® in action.  These resources are not publicly available and only accessible through this community or via engagement with a MCM program.

You have all the tools and resources you need. What you do with them is up to you!

A reflection resource based on a literary finding which allows for contemplation, reflection, and the consideration of how you can make practical applications to practice.  This is about translating things practically in a way which is meaningful for you using critical reflective practice.
Three reflective practice exercises annually

What we focus on outside is a reflection of what we feel inside.

This program is a bespoke development based on your needs and goals from our Coach Approach® resources.  It will support you to further your leadership capacity and capability, achieve your leadership goals and implement person centred leadership practices in action. Members will receive 2 one hour online coaching sessions as well as 3 tools selected from our Coach Approach® resources for personal use.

The quest to being better versions of ourselves is the ultimate never ending story.

Would you like to know more?

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