The Coach Approach

Knowing yourself if the beginning of all wisdom – Aristotle

Coaching is a developmental approach to working and interacting with other people.  It can help people develop their personal capabilities, interpersonal skills and capacity to understand and empathise with others. In turn, this can help people understand more about their own challenges and make informed choices about their future. It can strengthen their ability to use a range of influencing and leadership styles. Coaching can help people feel more empowered to make a difference and improve their own effectiveness.

MCM has the lived experience to be able to combine a person-centred approach to a leadership and business framework creating a new coaching experience.

The Coach Approach by Meaningful Care Matters is a conglomerate of tools and resources but more-so, it’s a support mechanism for life, leadership and development. The tools in the self-do create a meaningful impact and transformation, the value is in understanding self and selecting the tools that will support your goals.

Coaching is not merely a technique to be wheeled out and rigidly applied in certain prescribed situations. It is a ever evolving journey grounded in trust and relationship which ultimately takes on the journey to be a better version of self.

Our services, tools and resources are not randomly sitting in isolation, each resource and tool has been crafted and woven together to create a powerful framework to empower each of us.

Our approach will build your internal capability and capacity to support:

  • your leadership development
  • your understanding of self and others
  • your ability to appreciate people and communicate in a way that speaks to the person with meaningful intent
  • being comfortable with simply ‘being in the moment’
  • professional and personal growth

The Coach Approach is about building self belief and unlocking your potential to ‘be’ the best version of self. 

“We can’t become what we want to be by remaining what we are” – Jay Shetty

Some of the tools we use include…

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