Creating a Positive Later Stage Service

Every Life Matters. Meaning Matters. Moments Matter. People Matter.

Creating a Positive Later Stage Service


Practical ideas for connecting with people in later stage dementia

“Many team members frequently ask me “What can we DO with people who are much further on in their dementia?” But in a sense this is the wrong starting point, as the real question is how we learn to BE with people who are no longer able to use words and let us know what they need from us.” Sally Knocker, Meaningful Care Matters

This learning package is divided into four parts and provides an important focus on people who are traditionally seen as hard to reach.

This package will help you to:

  • Ensure people experiencing the later stages of a dementia remain central to the service
  • Increase quality and quantity of connection with people with advanced dementia using a range of sensory approaches
  • Explore ways to enhance both the environment and the team skills to best fit the needs of people in the later experiences of dementia

The videos are supported by three practical article resources and learning questions.

Activity time: 90 minutes

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