Toolbox Talk: The Language of Feelings and Emotions

Every Life Matters. Meaning Matters. Moments Matter. People Matter.

Toolbox Talk: The Language of Feelings and Emotions

A short learning package around understanding the feelings and emotions of people living with dementia and seeing beyond their behaviours.


This learning package aims for you to:

  • Understand the need to see the person first, not their dementia
  • Recognise that dementia causes cognitive impairment which affects reasoning and the ability to communicate in ways that are difficult for others to understand
  • Understand that coping strategies are learned during our lives to deal with stressful situations, these coping strategies will be affected by the experience of living with a dementia
  • Know that as human beings we all experience emotional hurt, but we can use logic and reason to help us to cope. People living with a dementia will find using logic and reason increasingly difficult and rely more upon their feelings and emotions
  • See that we need to focus our support on people’s feelings and emotions first, not their behaviours.
  • Know it is okay to feel that care work is complex. No-one has all the answers. Only by supporting one another can we make sense of this complexity.

How long does it take?

Duration: 1 hour

  • The video presentation and debriefing questions will take approximately 1 hour.


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