Toolbox Talk: The Leaders’ Survival Kit

Every Life Matters. Meaning Matters. Moments Matter. People Matter.

Toolbox Talk: The Leaders' Survival Kit

The 5 practices of creating personhood in leadership.


This presentation is designed with managers and leaders in mind. It aims to provide some tools and thoughts in times where maintaining the motivation of personhood is needed more than ever. But how can we as leaders or managers, do this when we ourselves are running on empty?

Some key points covered:

  • Looking after your energy levels
  • The 5 practices of creating personhood in leadership
  • The leadership characteristics needed to survive tough times

How long does it take?

Duration: 1 hour

  • The video presentation and debriefing questions will take approximately 1 hour.
“Trust your team, empower them and do not feel the need to control the uncontrollable”


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