Leadership and Building Teams

Every Life Matters. Meaning Matters. Moments Matter. People Matter.

First Day Matters

You’ve spent a fortune on recruitment, you’ve got the person you want, what’s going to make them stay? My step-daughter got a job as a

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Induction Matters!

Induction, everyone must do it when you start a new job.  All too often it is incredibly boring and laborious, with lots of online, tick

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The cycle of motivation

Maintaining motivation over a long period of time is a bit of an artform and not something I’ve seen done well very often. When it

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5 Ways to value your team

Valuing people and team wellbeing is essential for any organization to thrive. It’s not just about making sure everyone is happy and healthy; it’s also

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People, our greatest asset

I hear all too often about the shortage of skilled staff working within the health and social care sector.  Sadly, this is a reality internationally. 

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