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Palliative and End of Life Care

Available until: 31 January 2022

This learning package aims for you to:

Each module of this course will focus on a different area of palliative care and the end of life along with individual goals for each module.

The modules of this resource are designed to support care team members in the delivery of optimal end of life care within their own health care settings.

Specific learning aims:

  • To increase knowledge on the approach to palliative and end of life care
  • To have the ability to identify the different phases of palliative care in relation to the people we care for
  • To use and adapt communications skills with the dying person with diverse needs, their families, and their support systems
  • To examine your own attitudes, beliefs, and biases as they impact communication
  • To outline a palliative care approach to advanced dementia, gain knowledge of advanced dementia and understand prognostic indicators for advanced dementia
  • To explore a range of non-pharmacological therapies that provide, comfort, pain relief, stress reduction and relaxation for the dying person and be able to differentiate between Complementary Therapies and Alternative Therapies
  • To have an in-depth knowledge of the different types of pain as well as the ability to use specific pain assessment tools including for people living with dementia
  • To identify self-care strategies that can best be used for the person who is dying and for their family, and for members of the care team
  • To identify the warning signals of unresolved grief or stress that are affecting someone’s ability to function well
  • To explore how personal beliefs and attitudes may impact a person’s care
  • To develop an awareness and support the dying person and their family’s spiritual and cultural practises related to death, dying, and the afterlife when appropriate
  • To recognise the stages of dying and common symptoms in the actively dying phase

How long does it take?

Duration: Approximately 26 hours

  • Each module is expected to take approximately 3 hours to complete.
  • The 500 word essay is expected to take 2 hours to complete.

Course Content

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Module 1 - Palliative and the End of Life
Module 2 - Communication
Module 3 - Dementia and Palliative Care
Module 4 - Non-Pharmacological Treatments
Module 5 - Pain Management
Module 6 - Grief and Self-Care
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