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Person Centred Care is not a new concept. Looking through a different learning lens will open discussions on the validity of theory, practice and application of learning topics but also encourage you to challenge yourself.

As you participate in our learning lenses courses, we ask you to expect the unexpected. That’s where we find the real meaning and connection to ‘be the change we are desiring to create’.

  • Expect to be challenged.
  • Expect to be confronted.
  • Expect a different lens of learning which may challenge preconceived ideas.
  • Be open minded and willing to embrace a differing perspective.
  • Be prepared to ‘BE’ the change rather than ‘DO’ a change management process.
  • Be open to reflection.
  • Be aware that the only person who can alter your opinion, is YOU.
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Venue: CityCoast Centre,
North Street, Portslade, Brighton B41 1DG 
Arrival: 9am
Course Duration: 9.30am – 4.30pm
Cost: £750

Part One 12-15th July 2021
Part Two 15-16th September 2021

Booking Form: Meaningful Leadership


Venue: CityCoast Centre,
North Street,  Portslade
Brighton & Hove BN41 1DG 
Arrival: 9am
Course Duration: 9.30am – 4.30pm

Module 1 26th May 2021
Module 2 27th May 2021
Module 3 24th June 2021
Module 4 29th July 2021
Module 5 26th August 2021
Module 6 30th September 2021
Module 7 28th October 2021
Module 8 25th November 2021
Module 9 15th December 2021
Module 10 16th December 2021


Venue: Jury’s Inn Birmingham,
245 Broad Street, B1 2HQ 
Arrival: 9am
Course Duration: 9.30am – 4.30pm

Module 1 9th Sept 2020
Module 2 10th Sept 2020
Module 3 7th Oct 20
Module 4 4th Nov 2020
Module 5 2nd Dec 2020
Module 6 6th Jan 2021
Module 7 3rd Feb 2021
Module 8 3rd March 2021
Module 9 7th April 2021
Module 10 5th May 2021

Booking Form: Free To Be Me

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