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The power of a different perspective can inspire change in action.  That’s the power of learning.

Person Centred Care is not a new concept. Looking through a different learning lens will open discussions on the validity of theory, practice and application of learning topics but also encourage you to challenge yourself.

As you participate in our learning lenses courses, we ask you to expect the unexpected. That’s where we find the real meaning and connection to ‘be the change we are desiring to create’.

  • Expect to be challenged.
  • Expect to be confronted.
  • Expect a different lens of learning which may challenge preconceived ideas.
  • Be open minded and willing to embrace a differing perspective.
  • Be prepared to ‘BE’ the change rather than ‘DO’ a change management process.
  • Be open to reflection.
  • Be aware that the only person who can alter your opinion, is YOU.
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Back to Person Centred Care – The importance to self-care

Facilitated on-line , this workshop will focus on the compassion fatigue which has become prevalent in this Covid Pandemic with our frontline teams. It is all about person centredness and coming back to the heart and soul of what care culture is about. We achieve this through an action learning process, we will support you an your team to: Reflect | Recharge | Regenerate

Key outcomes:

  • Renewing the care team by bringing team members together and having space to reflect on the emotional impact of working in the climate of COVID 19.
  • Establishing resilient and reflective care team that learns from itself to develop more thoughtful and effective responses to challenging situations.
  • Building an emotionally intelligent and self-aware leadership team that has the confidence and clarity it needs to support person centred approaches in challenging times. 
  • Finding ways of balancing infection control and quality of life needs to preserve the features of your service that secure well-being and reduce distress.
  • Enhancing individual problem solving and communication skills in a safe environment that enables team members to explore their strengths and weaknesses and learn from their experiences.

What does the Program look like ?

  • Six 60-minute zoom sessions over a six-week period with your team (8 – 10 participants).
  • Specific resources and tools from Meaningful Care Matters to support your action learning and outcomes developed by your team for the regeneration of Butterfly in your service.
  • Bespoke support from Meaningful Care Matters to create the solution for your regeneration needs.
  • Wellness and mindfulness support with tools from The Coach Approach®.

Action Learning to improve Person Centred Care through Mindfulness

Group Support Session on a weekly basis for team members to attend (Maximum of 10) and debrief some of the challenges they face in bringing their best selves to work.  The facilitator will have prompting materiel to discuss the impact of their own feelings and situational experience because of Covid-19 and other lifestyle factors which can result in decreased resilience and not being the ‘best’ you can be’.  The group session will be a live discussion forum on practical challenges facing the team members and then practical approaches and changes that they can choose to make to assist in improving their feelings of care and compassion fatigue.

As part of the preparations for these sessions we will work collaboratively with the key representatives in the home to identify five key questions which are reflective of the current needs of the team and people living in the home. We will prepare discussion points and have an open conversation forum on ideas, strategies, and support mechanism for each of the five topics selected by the team how to achieve a meaningful connection. The package is based on 5 sessions over 5 weeks. The approach is as follows:

  1. Connections Matter. A 40-minute session where we will review the five challenges from home and then look at how this has impacted themselves as care givers and their thoughts on how to make positive change to improve their well-being.  The focus of this first part of the session is to support meaningful connections and engagements with each other and with the people living in the home ultimately leading to how to ‘bring your best’ to work.
  2. A Practical Approach. A 20-minute session where we will work through the practical implications and how to support the learnings from the aspect of the live webinar in action.

After each webinar a transcript will be provided (based on a recording) and support materials for those persons who were unable to attend will be produced based on the transcript.


Meaningful Care Matters are accredited CPD Status with CPD Standards Office

Free To Be Me

‘Free to be me’ – a ten-day modular program for leaders in dementia care who want to make a real commitment to doing things very differently. This is not just a course where you will change the colour of the walls or develop a different range of ‘activities’ for people. We are asking participants to follow the ‘threads’ of this learning and development program with a clear end focus on how quality of life for people living with dementia will be transformed.

  • Thread One: Being clear on purpose
  • Thread Two: Creating real leaders
  • Thread Three: Telling our story
  • Thread Four: Freeing up the workplace
  • Thread Five: Measuring what matters
  • Thread Six: Feeling at home
  • Thread Seven: Finding meaning
  • Thread Eight: Making moments matter
  • Thread Nine: Nurturing closeness
  • Thread Ten: Linking the threads

Available in house for participants of 15 or view our Events Calendar for upcoming sessions!

Meaningful Learning Matters

The quest for knowledge can assist in changing cultures, but we need to approach learning differently. The aim of this eight-day course (delivered over 4 – 6 months) is to work with people like you who have a desire to be more original, creative, confident and effective in their learning delivery.

This course is for anyone who wants to facilitate and deliver learning opportunities differently!

The Learning Threads:

  • Crafting Creativity – Work out what it takes to create learning opportunities that make a difference by appraising current ideas in adult learning
  • Motivating Moments – Develop the values, skills and attitudes to become great at motivating others to learn through understanding and acknowledging what drives us
  • Fresh Facilitation – Practice with others to freshen up your facilitation skills by experimenting with existing learning materials 
  • Experientially Engaged – Develop and deliver meaningful learning experiences by creating, designing and delivering a new learning exercise

Available in house for participants of 8 – 12 or refer to our Education Calendar for upcoming sessions!

Meaningful Leadership Matters

“The least of things with a meaning is worth more in life than the greatest of things without it.””
– Carl Jung

Leadership is the most influential factor in shaping organisational culture, so empowering the necessary leadership strategies, behaviours and qualities are essential.  To cross the bridge and take a further step we need to consider what is meaningful leadership? Meaningful leadership is supporting others in their quest for meaning. Humans Need It. Great leaders help people find it. Leading with meaning sees beyond self-concern to the long-term success and well-being of others. It is in seeing beyond self that creates a culture which builds capability, capacity and resilience, ultimately leading to cultures which are connected, and relationship based. Meaningful leadership fuels innovation, curiosity and collaboration. People thrive. They can move beyond survival and self-preservation concerns to create culture, great relationships and great teams. Our five-day leadership course is delivered in two parts.  Part A focusses on the following learning threads:

  • The Threads of Meaningful Leadership
  • The Behaviours of Meaningful Leadership
  • The Message of Meaningful Leadership

After completion of Part A there is the opportunity to undertake an action learning project in your workplace to demonstrate meaningful leadership in action.  Part B will be a shared learning experience based on this action learning activity.

One Day Workshops

Meaningful Care Matters has a range of workshops available to support your internal learning and development programs.

Have a specialist late stage dementia care service.
1 day. Max 15 participants

Make more meaningful moments throughout the day and have an approach to occupying people that brings more love, laughter and purpose to people’s lives.
1 day. Max 15 participants.

See behaviours as expressions of emotional needs. Enhance relationships and respond to distressing situations with an understanding of people’s needs and the different ways people express them.

1 day. Max 20 participants.

Make confident and compassionate care teams with exceptional communication skills.
1 day. Max 15 participants.

Make sure your care team begins each day with an inspiring vision and common purpose.
Half day. Max participants 30.

Let the environment do the work and create spaces that enable independence and meaningful occupation throughout the day.
Half day. Max 30 participants.

Make real households matched to the specific needs and abilities of people living in the home to realise exceptional quality of life and make a person-centred approach more sustainable.
Half day. Max 30 participants.

Let people’s life history shape their experience of everyday care and make activities more appealing to increase levels of engagement and well-being.
Half day. Max 20 participants.

Put people’s freedoms and rights at the heart of the service and reduce conflict and distress.
Half day workshop. Max 30 participants.

Help staff work together in a supportive environment that promotes greater emotional resilience and fullfilment.
1 day. Max 20 participants.

Improve quality of touch to enhance quality of life in care with an understanding of the role touch plays in communication, relationships and promoting well-being.
1 day. Max 20 participants.

Meet the emotional needs of a person at the end of life with a relationship-centred approach to end of life care.
1 day. Max 20 participants.

Build the capacity for leadership, learn to organise and facilitate successful meetings, resolve conflicts and give and receive feedback.
1 day workshop. Max 20.

Sex, older age and living with dementia! Face the taboos and empower your team to feel more confident to address older people’s sexual needs whilst living in care and continuing to meet regulation.

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“Learn as though you would never be able to master it; hold it as though you would be in fear of losing it.”

– Confucius

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