Deliver Person-Centred Care that Works

Free to be me - We support people like you to know how they can make a difference

See it, hear it, feel it - transform the quality of life of the people you support in health and social care


Re-invigorate your teams with cutting edge learning and development that inspires action.


Transform the quality of care you provide through a tried and tested development process.


Leadership is about empathy and perspective. Connect back to your purpose by developing your leadership skills.

Operational Support

Get ahead on the day to day management of your service.

What problem are you trying to solve?

Struggling to recruit, motivate and retain staff? Stuck with learning programmes that don’t deliver?

Is your organisation serving the needs of regulators and compliance more than the people you support?

As a leader are you feeling that you have no more to give? Who is looking after you?

If delivering person centred care was easy, it would have happened everywhere by now. Times are tough and we understand that delivering the care and support you want to see, feel and hear is a massive challenge. Working in health and social should be life-affirming and rewarding. It should be about putting quality of life before quality of service. When a service does this, it is transformational. It’s a service that people want to work in and gives you a proven competitive advantage. We aim to work with health and social care staff and organisations to find solutions that fits people’s and organisations individual development needs. We support people and services in the UK, Eire, Canada and Australia.

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Give yourself half an hour to take a breather and talk to us. We offer a free 30 minute consultation.

We offer a one-day consultation at a very competitive price to assist you to develop an action plan to improve your service.

We provide a range of face to face and on-line learning that is bespoke and cost effective.

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